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We all have bad habits. Some of us pick blemishes (an ultimate no-no), some fall asleep with a full face of makeup, and others forget to moisturize regularly. Since our skin deserves the best, it pays to be aware of all of the problems you may be creating for your face and how to remedy each one. While the first step to healthy skin is having a routine customized to you, the next step is educating yourself. If you suffer from excess oil you may think the answer to all your problems is drying out your skin, but this can do more harm than good. With the information below you’ll be able to face the facts and stop perpetuating your biggest concerns.

What You Don't Know About Oily Skin May Hurt You

Fact 1: Sunbathing does not help dry up your skin. 

During the summer months it’s easy to want a bronzed body and a clear, natural looking face. But don’t run to a tanning bed or go without sunscreen. While tanning masks the appearance of red, irritated skin and appears to dry up oil production, it is harming you in another way. We all know the importance of sunscreen, but did you know that you’re causing skin cell damage when you tan. This is the culprit behind fatigued, wrinkled skin that will add years to your age and result in an excess of products to reverse signs of aging. A little vitamin D isn’t bad, but make sure to protect your skin and if you want a little glow, turn to body bronzers like St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Gel or a face bronzing powder like Too Faced Beach Bunny Custom-Blend Bronzer.


Fact 2: Even if you have oily skin you still need to moisturize.

This is a huge error on the part of oily skinned people. The misconception is that if you put a face oil or moisturizer on your skin, that you’re adding more oil and causing breakouts. However, after you’ve washed your face and applied a toner, you’ve really stripped your face of any hydration. Instead of straying away from moisturizers all together, find one that matches your skin type. If you have combination skin, then a light-weight lotion with a little oil may be good. But if you have extremely oily skin, try to find a lotion that is oil-free. Mario Badescu’s Oil-Free Moisturizer is a miracle worker for this specific skin type. It smells divine too! You may have to test a few moisturizers out, but once you find one that’s just right, you’ll never turn back.


Fact 3: Occluded skin can cause breakouts.

When oil starts to peek through your makeup your immediate response may be to apply more powder. But applying more makeup can obstruct your pores, and ingredients in certain cosmetics, may cause more oil to surface – meaning more irritation and pimples. Our top layer of skin doesn’t actually breathe, but the layers underneath can feel dehydrated when blocked by makeup. That’s when already oil-prone skin fights back by producing more oil. Going without makeup every once in awhile will give your skin a chance to avoid allergens and product preservatives that could be putting oil production (and acne) into overdrive. Also, pay attention to what is triggering issues with your skin. If a foundation leaves you feeling extra oily within an hour, change it up.

Fact 4: Having oily skin can be genetic.

There are things that we do to our skin that can increase oil production, but when it comes down to it, a lot of it is strictly our genes. Dealing with oily skin can be hard – It can lead to embarrassment and self-esteem issues that torture us through puberty and beyond. But it shouldn’t affect the person you are or your confidence. Finding the right combination of lifestyle choices (drinking lots of water and eating right) as well as the products that keep your skin in check will put you well on your way to a face that you’re happy to see looking back at you daily. Just like we each have unique features, the same goes for your skin. Learn to love yourself and if oily skin is really bringing you down, visit a local dermatologist and see if they can help.

Need more facts about your skin type, let me know what you’re struggling with below.

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