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I love defined, well-groomed brows.  Plucking them? Not so much.  Chances are, you’ve experienced the pain of plucking your brows at least once in your life (unless you’re extremely blessed and have naturally perfect brows…lucky you!). Today, I wanted to share a quick tip on how to make plucking your brows a much less painful process.  The secret? A warm washcloth.  Applying a warm washcloth to your brows will open your pores, causing the hairs to slide out with less resistance when you pluck them.  The less tugging, the less pain! Here’s how to do it:

Woman plucking her eyebrows

1.) Soak a washcloth in hot water and wring dry

2.) Fold the washcloth in half and lay it over your eyebrows for 1-2 minutes

3.) Remove and pluck away!

Another way to make plucking less painful is to pluck in the shower or right after you shower – the heat and moisture in the air also makes it easier for your eyebrow hairs to slide out.  And of course, always make sure you are using tweezers that are sharp and not dull at the edges!


Do you have any brow-plucking tips? Share with me in the comments!

<3 Mish

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