Dry shampoo has been the answer to so many lazy and last minute days. What I did before the powder-and-go option was available still baffles me. Sure there was baby powder, but we all know the product has been controversial at times. Dry shampoo really has changed the hair game. It can give your locks a lift and help you save money by skipping salon visits. And if those beauty benefits aren’t enough, well then you’ll never be satisfied!

Just in case you are on the brink of joyous, dry shampoo love though, here are a few more uses–beyond the usual–that will turn you into a die hard junkie.

Dry Shampoo

Hairspray – You might think it odd to spray dry shampoo onto freshly clean hair, but when you need a little extra staying power, a powder like Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo does the trick. The product will add texture and allow you to create perfect, stay-put curls.

Hold pins in place – Similar to hairspray, spritzing dry shampoo on a bobby pin will create a slightly sticky surface that will allow hair to grip to the pin and hold hair in place for hours. That is, of course, if you’re using the bobby pin correctly.

Degrease clothes – Stains and spills might have met their match. Obviously, this depends on what you’ve dropped, but dry shampoo sprayed over the spot can lift out damaging oils. After the dry shampoo has sat for 10-20 minutes, do a quick wash and your clothes or rug will be like new.

Tame eyebrows – If you have to go without makeup and a shampoo, then you at least want to make sure your hair, including your brows, aren’t unruly. By dabbing a little dry shampoo on your finger and then running it across your eyebrow, you’ll clean them up and add a bit of thickness.

Makes hair appear thicker – If you’re struggling with thin, limp looking strands. Look no further. Along with soaking up any oils near your scalp, dry shampoo will amp up your hair, leaving you with a thicker, more voluminous look. Here’s how to do.

Act as Deodorant – How many times have you walked out of the house without deodorant? Now if you have dry shampoo on hand you won’t sweat it that you’re sans antiperspirant. Spray or dab a little under your arms and breathe easy that you’ll keep dry.

Do you know an alternate use for dry shampoo? 

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