Quick tips have taken a back seat over the last few months, but no more! As I’m growing across all of my channels, I’m also dialing in and getting back to many of the beauty basics we all can benefit from. I recently shared about mascara wand types and am continuing by answering the eternal contouring question (beyond how to contour, of course)–should you use cream or powder?

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These basic tips will help you decide…


Many will tell you that cream contouring products can look too cakey, but this is typically when applied too thick or the wearer’s skin type isn’t optimal for this method. If you’re going for a full coverage finish and want to maintain a dewy look, then cream is the way to go, especially if you have dry skin. Using a cream contour and highlighter on oily skin can accentuate the oiliness and not look as natural. Cream kits like Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit is best suited for contouring queens too. If you have the talent down, then you can apply product without worry that you’ve swiped too much on or didn’t use the right sponge to blend it out.


If you’re a contouring newbie, powder is the way to go. Palette’s like Pixi Book of Beauty-Contour Creator are forgiving and allow you to build up color intensity. Powder is also easier to blend. If you’re hoping to achieve a matte look, powder contouring will help you define your features. You can most definitely be a contouring pro and go this route–it’s really more about ease and desired look. Powder on dry skin can enhance creases and make you look more chalky and less fab, so best to use this method if you have oily skin.

These are simply guidelines. You can mix and match product textures if you have different needs or combination skin.

Do you use powder or cream? 

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