You know how they say that you actually don’t need to switch up your hair care products, but it often feels like your hair gets used to certain product? Well, when it comes to skincare, the truths are equally blurry – is it fact or fiction that you should switch up your routine for optimal skin health?

The truth is, there’s no set time you should switch up what you’re doing to your skin. But that doesn’t mean it should remain the same. If a product doesn’t seem like it’s working quite like it used to, it’s likely due to factors such as changes in your skin that require different treatments. Here are some factors that contribute to skin changes, and ultimately your product needs:

Should You Switch Up Your Skincare Routine?

Season – I think it’s pretty well known by this point that with the seasons come skin changes. If you live in an area where the seasonal changes are subtle, you might not even realize that this is contributing to why products are seemingly no longer doing their job. For example, if while in the thick of summer or winter your cleanser dries you out, you might need a gentler formula that doesn’t strip skin of moisture.

Travel – Travel can affect our skin in several ways, but one major factor is climate. When traveling to a new region – even if it’s not physically that far (like going from a huge, heavily polluted city out to the country, or going from the city to the desert) – you’re bound to experience physical changes in your skin. Just like seasonal changes, these are temporary changes that require use of different ingredients to maintain skin’s health. Always research the climate (and if possible what the locals use) of your destination prior to packing.

Additionally, frequent or long flights can wreak havoc on skin, making your normal routine ineffective at combatting dry skin, sleepy eyes, or chapped lips. A good travel sized facial mist, moisturizer and lip balm will be welcome additions to your makeup bag. See my makeup bag musts for more tips!

Age – As we grow older, our skin changes. Some of us had clear skin as teens and notice far more blemishes as adults, and vice versa. And as women, we experience hormonal changes that shift with age and as you are probably aware, also determine the texture and look of our skin. If the products you’ve counted on since you were 19 aren’t exactly cutting it anymore, this is another sign you should switch things up. While a dermatologist might be most effective at helping you determine your skin needs, my posts on acne types and moisturizing essentials offer some tips.

How often is too much? Constantly shifting from one product to the next won’t directly harm your skin (just perhaps your wallet), but you should always give your body time to react to the ingredients. For example, if you switch cleansers daily, you won’t find out whether a certain works better over time. If it’s a basic skincare product like cleanser or moisturizer, it’s often best to find a few staples and stick to ‘em the majority of the time. And of course, you want to always do spot tests. This way you can introduce new product if you want, but still continue to use what’s working.

When do you find yourself on the market for new skincare products?


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