Sound Therapy Singing Bowl

Our busy lives can often get the best of us. An overloaded life, with little time for rest or reflection, causes imbalance and can lead to a range of unexpected physical and mental problems. But balance isn’t just about taking time to unwind, I find it’s also about using various tools to optimize the impact of those breaks. One way to do this is by incorporating music into your meditations or by using it to center yourself – creating your own sound therapy session.  

We already know that music can affect our mood, but did you know that certain sounds and frequencies can relieve issues like insomnia, anxiety, stress, and some immune problems? Sound therapy can actually heighten your mental clarity and aid physical healing. It’s been proven to ease Tinnitus, and some doctors use it to alleviate chronic pain and help cell growth in cancer patients after stem cell transplants. What a magical thing!

Sound Therapy Singing Bowl

I bring all of this up because I wanted to share my appreciation for sound therapy and the use of singing bowls with you all – hopefully, inspiring some of you to try this. If you follow my Instagram then you’ve seen that I have my own Tibetan singing bowl. I use it for meditation and to banish colds. Singing bowls, along with gongs, crystal bowls, and a few other instruments are typically used in sound therapy because they register a frequency of sound that opens up your chakra and creates harmony within the body. You can enjoy this alone or with a group by searching online for sound baths in your area. We’re lucky in California to have such places as the Integratron where the sounds of many crystal bowls and gongs wash over your body and calm an entire room of people for a hour or more. Those who attend sound baths have gushed about the experience.

I know sound baths and musical healing have changed my perspective about a lot of things and helped me to feel more whole. Whether it’s the mental clarity that comes from it or how it can actually stimulate your body for a better well being, I know that I won’t stop any time soon. If you’re looking for a way to relax, open your mind, and feel more awake and alive, then try finding a yoga studio or facility in your area to join one. Or turn down the lights and search sound therapy/baths on Youtube, you’ll find a range of videos with calming sounds that will put you in a deep meditative state (and you won’t regret it).

Have you tired sound therapy or attended a sound bath? Would love to hear about your experience. 

<3 Mish


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