As much of an adventure as summer can be, when fall rolls around, I’m usually ready to store away the daring swimsuit and short shorts in favor of cozy sweaters and a more smoldering beauty look. I definitely don’t want to get caught in the wind and rain in flip flops and cutoffs, but that doesn’t mean all summer trends need to hibernate come September – or later in the year, for that matter. These trends are just versatile enough to maintain a longevity that’s more than seasonal. Here’s what they are and why.

Summer Beauty & Fashion Trends You Keep Around All Year

Natural Beauty – Given the it’s-too-hot-to-move mentality and the constant dips in the pool/lake/ocean, a high maintenance beauty routine is hardly feasible in summer. (Though kudos to whoever can keep it up.) But just because my makeup won’t melt right off thanks to cooler temps doesn’t mean I necessarily need to spend so much time on my makeup daily. Going minimal every now and then and even using more natural beauty products wouldn’t be so bad.

Boho Chic – Bohemian style shines during the summer but that doesn’t mean it can’t be pulled off any other time of year. On the contrary. Slouchy sweaters and distressed denim are a good start. You can also trade in nudes for black when it comes to fringe and accessories. Instead of strappy sandals, try boots. Lastly, layer your printed kimono or lace shrug over long sleeves in winter and spring. Voila!

Tousled Waves – AKA, that gorgeous, slightly messy beach hair. Once you’ve mastered those essential beachy waves, there is no going back. They look good any day, any month, with any outfit. Even a fabulous ‘do can get boring, so try switching it up throughout the year – but there’s no reason not to keep the undone, tousled tresses on rotation.

Bold Accessories – While the definition of “bold” in summer usually means neon statement necklaces and trendy sunglasses, there IS a way to translate your vibe into fall and beyond. Maintain that same confidence in other months with chunky layered jewelry or even hats and footwear. All you really need is a statement piece that helps you flaunt your personality and you’re good to go – no sunglasses needed.

Summer State of Mind – Okay, not exactly beauty or fashion but this is a warm weather trend. Things just seem a little more laidback right now despite demanding jobs and plenty of deadlines. I think it’s engrained since the days of summer break. Break or not, a little more of those positive vibes are more than welcome any time of year.

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