Our bodies are our temples. They need to be nourished regularly, both inside and out. That’s because the environment, stress, our diets and how we sleep can affect just about every component of our bodies. Taking care of your entire being means being conscious of what you’re doing to it and how it feels. Medication can manage a list of issues (illnesses and otherwise), but alternative medicine is well…a nice alternative. Alternative medicine doesn’t need to be seen as hocus pocus or extreme practices. It is more comprised of natural methods to cure and calm through the power of energy and that of nature. Below are a few basic practices to introduce you to the world of alternative medicine–many you may already be familiar with–that can settle your mind, ease pains and more.

Alternative Medicine Basics

Acupuncture – Part of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture involves placing little needles  at various points along meridians in the body. These points are believed to affect energies within us, but many think they are solely tapping into nerve endings that control pain and health conditions. Each needle helps restore balance and remove negative energy caused by illness. One study found it can improve allergies. If the idea of fine needles scares you, a great place to start is with acupressure massage, which involves intense pushing on the same points affected by acupuncture.

Essential Oils – Like acupuncture, essential oils can alleviate pain, but they can also calm the mind and body, increase concentration and clear and treat skin. Essential oils are very high concentrates of different flowers and seeds that have been distilled–they can be burned, diffused or dabbed onto the skin. You can even cook with certain ones! I love using them regularly during my meditations or just when I need to unwind. Lavender is wonderful for relaxation and can help kill a migraine quick.

Natural Remedies – This is a pretty broad term, but I’m specifically referencing vitamins and herb combinations that can heighten your immune system and fight against health concerns. As women we have a lot going on with our bodies, and some have a sensitivity to prescription meds. In place of these, many naturopathic doctors can recommend a regimen of natural remedies to help everything from cramps to hormonal concerns to body aches. The book Womens Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine does an awesome job of focusing on female specific issues–it details what supplements you can take and practices for overall good health.

Meditation - A favorite method of mine, meditation works like the others above to give your overall wellbeing a boost. There are those who believe it can help cure aliments, but I like to use my sessions to clear my mind and find inner peace. Through meditation and sound baths you can reduce stress and start feeling a more balanced or centered life. If done properly and through longer sessions you’ll become very in tune with your body–heightened self-awareness and a resetting of your chakras are just a few minutes away. 

There are far more methods of alternative medicine, but the above combined can heighten and help your mind, senses, body, and energy, and introduce you to a world you may not have been familiar with. 

Do you use any alternative medicine methods to stay healthy?

<3 Mish


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