Accomplishing the perfect manicure is a feat in itself, but adorning your nails in stunning nail art, that’s a whole new level of impressive. Half moon manis or ombre nails like those seen during Fashion Week are simple. It’s the endless other looks that usually require the assistance of nail art tools. With these essentials your gorgeous polish job will be even more eye-catching without having to break a sweat. Here’s the lowdown on the 5 nail art tools that should be in everyone’s collection. 

Essential Nail Art Tools

Dotting Tool – Everyone knows about dotting tools, but what they don’t realize is that if there is only one nail art tool you ever own, it should be this one. A dotting tool makes the novice nail artist look like a professional. They come in different sizes and can be used to draw on your nails, create animal print or flowers, and can be used to dress up your tips with hundreds of different dot patterns. These wearable looks were both created with a dotting tool.

Striping Brush - If you’re feeling adventurous, add a striping brush to your tool kit. Steady your hand by resting your pinky on the table while swiping a few stripes across the center of your nail or along the free edge for a two-toned French tip. The beauty of a striper is that even if you use the nail polish brush to add color to your tips, you can clean up your lines by dipping your striping brush in the polish and slowly dragging it over the intersection of both shades.

Stamps – Ever wonder how some nail art looks intricate and beyond obtainable? The trick to those detailed at-home manicure masterpieces is using a stamping set, like this one from Konad. All you need to do is place polish on a stamping plate, run the stamp over the plate and then over your nail to transfer the polish. There are many stamp styles – snake skin, waves, floral, holiday – the options seem to never end. A stamping set is for you ladies who want maximum, mind-blowing nail art with minimal effort.

Wax Pencil – Wax pencils are the least known must-have nail art tool. With this tool you can pick up large, small – you name it – any size of stones to place on your nails. The pencil lasts forever and is ideal for placing those odd-shaped, microscopic studs that you can barely grab with tweezers. While toothpicks dipped in polish can do the trick, a wax pencil makes the process easier. It’s more comfortable to hold, too.

Tweezers - Speaking of tweezers, a pair with a pointed tip and curved neck are helpful for placing jewels or individual 3D nail art pieces. They’re a tool set essential because gently placing stones or tape with tweezers prevents the chance of smudging your nails or dropping slippery pieces on the ground. There’s nothings worse than losing nail art accessories mid manicure.

What tools do you use? 

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