On its own, the idea of a prism is fascinating in both geometry and appearance: the parallel lines and clean cuts, the refracting light, and the spectrum of color. When this gets translated to something not normally concerned with math or optics – beauty and fashion – it’s a new art. Science and art, you know how I feel about them!

The Look: Prismatic Fashion

h0les specs, KB Shimmer Pt young thing, 416am Small Delta Earrings (30% off), Holographic Leather Pouch, Crystal Prism Collar, Holographic Makeup Bag, Prismatic Eye Shadow

Prisms reflecting a gradient of pastels take the holographic light to a whole new level level and I’m vibin’ it. The crazy designer glasses brand h0les makes these prismatic glasses that you may have seen me sport on Instagram. They’re equipped with crystalline lenses for a kaleidoscopic perspective that the likes of Lady Gaga and Prince have been spotted indulging in. It’s a ravel-like experience (only PG) that doesn’t just blow your mind, but the minds of all around you.

Going off of the prism shapes in the lenses, there are other ways to get the look. They’re space age meets 1990’s (the prismatic eye shadow and shimmer polish were featured in my 90’s video) and you can basically guarantee that you’ll be the only one in the room rocking them. One of my obsessions is the coin purse from .G Malou designs. This European brand is full of holographic bags, geometric jewelry and shiny accents to satisfy my prismatic mood. Another Etsy shop, 416am captures the beautiful light of prisms with geometric drop earrings and even the galaxy look, triangle shape and moon phases with these tats.

Do you own anything prismatic? Where’d you get it? Share below!

<3 Mish


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