Just because it’s crazy hot (I don’t know about where you live but temps have hit 90 in both Los Angeles and New York this summer) doesn’t mean all is lost in beauty and fashion. Your daily routine probably consists mostly of staying cool and lathering yourself in SPF—sunscreen is your best friend after all—but a few pieces do exist to highlight your personalized style, without contributing to a meltdown. Enter sheer. Semi sheer fabrics like chiffon, organza and lace overlays are sure to give your closet a makeover, and most importantly, your skin a breather.

The Look: Sheer Styles
Prom Dress with Organza, El Sol Mini Dress, ASOS Romper, Lace Maxi Skirt, Stripe Maxi Skirt, American Apparel Skirt, Lace Trim Tunic, Floral Mesh Kimono, Mesh Tank Top

Sheer Dresses – As with most things sheer, there’s a thin line between flirty and straight up revealing. You want something light and airy that’s even a little daring, just not so much that it looks like a cover up without the swimsuit underneath, if you catch my drift (no pun intended). The sheer bubble skirt on the above mini dress, the lace on the sleeve and chest, or the sheer panels on the romper all have that feminine, flirty look. Dresses like this can be rocked at everything from a cocktail party to a beach bonfire, depending on how dressy you want to get. It’s summer – if you feel like dressing up, go for it!

Sheer Skirts – One of the most common types of sheer skirt is the maxi with the solid lining and transparent or lacy overlay. The overlay keeps it from looking as formal as the length might suggest, and it’s the quintessential breezy, beachy look. At the same time, all you have to do is tuck in a long sleeve sweater and this same skirt can be worn well into fall. If sheer fabric is too dramatic for you here, try a skirt where both the lining and overlay drop all the way to the hemline. It’s airy, but full coverage.

Sheer Tops Gone are the days when the only sheer tops you could find were stuffy oversized blouses from the 90s. When it comes to tops you have a ton of options, like lace lined tunics or panel-blocked tank tops. But the best way to rock a sheer top? A kimono. The kimono look is ideal for transitional weather. It’s perfect for throwing on. A sheer kimono is essential for warm weather and the way to go if you have a cute top on underneath you want to show off.

How do you do the semi-sheer look?

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