Everyone owns some type of device or gadget that makes life a little bit easier and more enjoyable. Our phones tend to be attached to our sides (even though a good digital detox is in order), allowing us to communicate with friends and family no matter our location. We capture life’s greatest moments with cameras and store them for review for years to come. It seems as though a new tech product is released every month, but they are rarely beauties that we appreciate beyond their intended purpose. I like to think you can have your tech and flaunt it too! So I’ve rounded up some of the prettiest products in tech (and you’ll be impressed by what a few of them can do!).

The Prettiest Products in TechWrapture Designs Charger Cable /  Griffin Technology iPad Case / Beats Pill Pink Speakers / June by Netatmo Bracelet / Beats Solo HD Headphones / Swarovski Thumb Drive / La Sardina Camera / incase Portable Power

Wrapped USB Phone Charger Cable -  Anything is more exciting than white or black cables. This Wrapture Designs cable will spice up your charging session and prevent mixing up your cords with friends. The multicolor woven yard is too cute – it reminds me of Rainbow Brite!

Griffin Purple Striped Cabana Journal Case - A sturdy fabric cover for your iPad is chic and unique. Colors that pop and clean lines instantly turn your device into a statement style piece.

Beats Pill Nicki Pink Speakers – This light-weight portable speaker delivers big sound in a bubble gum pink package. Beats Pill Speakers are perfect for home use or as a desk top staple (that’s my personal favorite!).

June by Netatmo – This fashionable leather and metallic June bracelet is a complete beauty wonder! Connected to an app on your phone, this bracelet let’s you know how much sun exposure you’ve had throughout the day so you can reapply sunscreen and take care of your skin properly. It’s pretty and it helps protect your skin – what more could you want?

Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphones - Sometimes earbuds aren’t enough and you want a vibrant pair of headphones to enjoy your favorite jams. This pair fold up for easy transport, delivers high quality sound and is a bold accessory for when you’re walking to school, doing some work, or traveling on public transit.

Swarovski Thumb Drive - Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but crystals are a close second. This Swarovski Crystalline White Pearl USB Drive will store 4 GB of data and sparkle forever!

La Sardina Camera St. Tropez Fontanette - This wide-angle camera helps you feel nostalgic in style. Not all pictures need to be taken digitally. With the La Sardina you’ll experience picture taking like never before – in a matchy-matchy outfit sort of way. ;)

incase Portable Power 2500 - Bring your phone or laptop back to life with this portable power source. You simply plug it into your device and it acts as a battery, fully charging your phone with a blast of hot pink! It’s ideal for the girl on-the-go who needs power now.

What’s your favorite tech product above? 

<3 Mish

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