Matte finish is all the rage right now. From matte makeup to brushed metal accessories, there is always an occasion to complement your look with a velvety, shine-free finish. When it comes to beauty, a mattified face can express dimension and strength. When it comes to accent pieces, sometimes downplaying your accessories makes them that much more powerful to your overall appearance. It’s after a season of sparkle overload (so much glitter graced our lives during winter celebrations) that wearing this trend seems most appropriate. To get in on the trend and draw the right attention to your lips, eyes, and every other feature you care to accentuate, here are five was to go mad for matte and not risk looking dull or washed out.

How to Wear the Matte Trend

Lips - A matte lip is one of my favorite looks. A trend that has gone in waves of popularity over the years, it is once again in its prime. Because matte lipstick is highly pigmented, a matte lip is best worn as the boldest part of your beauty look. It exudes just the right amount of sensuality and strength, giving you the feeling you can conquer all. Be careful wearing a matte lip though, it can look dry and accentuate chapped lips if you haven’t properly prepped your lips.

Product: em Cosmetics Lip Gallery Matte Lipstick in Passion Berries.


Nails - Shiny, long-lasting wear is often the top bullet point when toting nail polish finish expectations, but a matte nail polish can deliver a similar wear result. While it won’t be ultra shiny, a matte nail will last AND is guaranteed to leave your friends with extreme nail envy. A matte nail takes a bold hue and turns it into a subtler statement maker (some days you want an electric orange lacquer without throwing off your entire look). Try a matte nail in a vibrant shade against a contrasting wardrobe – think black, neutrals or heavily patterned tops.

Product: Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Jo’mina or essie Matte About You Finisher over any of your existing shiny polishes.


Eyes – Matte eyeshadows are for those days (or nights) you want to add drama to your eyes. Whether going smoky or embracing lids in radiant orchid, matte shadows can be manipulated to accent and define, or can be used in conjunction with your favorite shimmering hues. Try a dark lid with a sheer gloss on your lips and a natural tint to your cheeks. You can also use a matte shadow to heighten your eyeliner by smudging a bit around the outer edges of your upper lid and along the waterline.

Product: LORAC Pro Palette with matte and shimmer shadows – it’s the best of both worlds!


Accessories - A mattified carryall is one of those pieces every girl should own. It exudes power and sophistication and is presentation-perfect when making introductions. The bag doesn’t need to be a particular fabric, but a soft leather tote has just the right amount of sheen and almost always looks polished. The same goes for brushed metal jewelry – each piece combines minimalism and glamour to the most casual of wardrobes, making you look effortlessly styled.

Product: Lanvin Trilogy Tote Bag or 8 Other Reasons The Battle Necklace.


Face - A dewy face doesn’t have to be your only look, especially during months that a little sparkle appears unnatural. That’s when a matte cheek or face should be your go-to look. A matte foundation will create a smooth, natural base for any further makeup application. Or, if barely there beauty is in order, a pop of matte color to the cheeks or a few dabs of contouring product along the hairline will provide the illusion of slightly sun-kissed skin. I like a matte base when I plan on using another finish elsewhere on my face. When my eyes are telling a story for the night, a contoured cheek adds dimension without stealing all of the attention.

Product: NARS Matte Multiple in Altai.

How have you worn the matte trend? Share with me below!


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