Whether it’s shaving, waxing, tweezing, or another method, hair removal is one of those not-so-fancy parts of our beauty regimen. Some statistics even estimate that the average girl spends 72 days and over $10,000 in her lifetime buying hair removal products! With those numbers in mind, who wouldn’t want to invest a little to make the whole process a bit more luxurious? We’re talking companies and products that are really stepping up their shaving game.

next level shaving

Going for the Gold - What says next level more than gold? Oui Shave makes a 14k gold plated razor to not only keep your skin smooth but your bathroom vanity looking fresh. But it’s not all about the look, the single blade helps prevent ingrown hairs, which are sometimes caused by the second and third blades in disposable razors that push hair below the skin. Their full kit also comes with a floral Neroli Jasmine shave oil that hydrates after shaving.

Get it Delivered - Dollar Shave Club brings hair removal right to mailbox so you can skip browsing the shaving aisles at the drug store. You choose from three different razors and have the blades shipped to your door once a month. You might be thinking, isn’t this for men? But the cool part is they don’t differentiate between razors for men or women — one product fits all. They’ve also got a great selection of balms and bath products. If convenience is how you want to improve your shaving game, this is it.

Luxe Shaving Cream - Ok, say you want to stick with your current shaving method, but want a little something to take it to the next level. This Coconut Milk Shave Cream from Whish has loads of organic oils and herbs to moisturize skin before you take a blade to it. Plus, it has chapparel extract, which is a natural way to inhibit hair growth.

Post Shave - Why not steal from the boys and try an aftershave balm? It’s an astringent that helps prevent infections from the minor cuts and scrapes a razor might give you. This Blenheim Bouquet one from Penhaligon’s might be a splurge, but it features a mix of citrus oils and spices, giving off a woodsy floral scent. Plus, the packaging is oh-so-pretty with a glass bottle and little ribbon bow. Remember to use SPF lotion after shaving too – your skin is extra sensitive after hair removal, and will is more susceptible to sunburns!

Halt Ingrown Hair - I think it’s fair to say the worst part about shaving is ingrown hairs! These little bumps and blemishes are sometimes unavoidable and can be painful. Luckily, Malin & Goetz’s plant-based Ingrown Hair Cream combines chamomile, salicylic acid, and vitamin B5 to soothe, exfoliate, and repair skin all at once. Dab some on after shaving and kiss that irritation goodbye.

What’s your fanciest shower product? Share below.


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