Just like beauty and fitness, every year there seems to be a hot new trend in food. Sometimes it’s those artisan donuts you can’t get enough of and other times it’s healthy additions that boost your immune system or aid digestion. This year is all about that drink, or soup depending on how you look at it. I’m talking about bone broth.

Yes, I know we’re coming into the warm months and hot soup probably isn’t your go-to meal, but  adding the hearty stock to your diet might just be what you need, especially after surviving a winter of colds and coming into a season where a banging body is at the top of your list. If you eat a Paleo diet, then you might already be an avid bone broth drinker, but if you’re looking for a warm drink that claims to help your skin glow and more, then here’s what you need to know about the latest trend.

What You Need To Know About Bone Broth

  • The name can sound pretty gross, but bone broth isn’t much different than chicken or beef broth. Bone broth is made by slow cooking the bones from an animal in water for extended periods–think 12 hours or more–until the bones break down and the minerals and nutrients within are released. With some vegetables thrown in, it’s like a delicious pho broth (yum!) or chicken soup.
  • There isn’t any hard research regarding bone broth, but it can’t hurt you. It’s loaded with protein and glycine–which aids digestion and detoxifies (like these 8 foods)–and a ton of other vitamins that our bodies can always use to be their best. Chicken bone broth also delivers some of the heavily studied benefits of chicken soup, so if you are suffering from a cold, grab a glass. 
  • Bone broths are nothing new. We might be reawakened to the deliciousness now, but in the 1700’s people in France were regularly enjoying bowls of broth during their visits to the country. What’s new about it is simply it’s commercial availability and the rise of Paleo diets that integrate the broth as an excellent addition to almost any meal.
  • A glass in the morning can give you an energy boost. I LUFF my morning coffee, but am never opposed to a nutrient-rich method for getting my morning off to an energized start. And it’s believed, and used by some pro athletes, as a restorative post-workout drink because it hydrates the body and can replace electrolytes.

There is no one drink that is an absolute cure-all for our bodies wants and needs. The gelatin within bone broth might work wonders on your skin and stomach, but a balanced diet can help with that as well. The best part about bone broths is that if made at home, it don’t contain the additives (like MSG or too much sodium) that make it into packaged foods. Plus, what isn’t great about making food from scratch at home?   

Have you tried bone broth and felt better overall or noticed changes in your skin? Lemme know below!

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