It had to happen sometime – a drink craze to replace the coconut water obsession. It’s not that coconut water is no longer relevant. Actually, this electrolyte and potassium filled post-workout thirst quencher and miracle hangover cure is still very much a staple in many health conscious diets. However, it seems like the demand for water with a nutritional kick is higher than ever, and there are quite a few options to choose from, each boasting more benefits than the last. Some of these drinks are easier to get your hands on than others, but these three are not only going mainstream, they’re winning over even the biggest skeptics. Here’s what the hype is all about with plant waters:

What You Need to Know About the Plant Water Craze
Aloe Water –
Besides being a natural topical treatment for wounds and burns, aloe vera can supposedly boost the immune system and heart as well as aid in digestion, considering it contains vitamins, folic acid and more. The vitamin E promotes healing and fights against aging, thus benefiting skin too. Aloe water is generally made from a mixture of aloe juice – which, like the inside of the aloe vera plant is gel-like in consistency – along with cane sugar, natural sweeteners and sometimes added flavors. Drinking the water offers the benefits without having to endure the consistency of aloe in its natural state.

Cactus Water – The prickly pear cactus stores a large amount of water to withstand its environment, and during that time it soaks up a potent mixture of antioxidants, making it the perfect workout – and yes, even hangover – hydration beverage. Given all the nutrients, you can imagine how cactus water may benefit skin in particular: The antioxidants slow the aging process and reduce inflammation, and of course, you’re getting a huge dose of hydration. Lastly, cactus water has a mild taste reminiscent of berries, making it more delicious than your average glass of water.

Maple Water – Yep, and it’s caused quite the controversy over the last year or so. Unlike maple syrup, maple water is unreduced sap, meaning it retains all its water. But is this more than just water with a subtle maple flavor? Just like cactus water, it contains about half the calories and sugar as coconut water, so some are purchasing it to reap the benefits without the drawbacks. Though it contains loads of sugar, maple syrup – because of the high concentration of sap – is said to have health benefits via phytochemicals. Maple water contains those same nutrients without the sugars. Of course, this works to keep the maple tree healthy, but there isn’t a ton of evidence suggesting it having the same impact on humans – yet.

It’s hard to say whether these are exactly miracle workers when it comes to ailments or skin woes, but it does make one curious ^_^. What do you think of plant waters? Are they worth the hype or are you better off just drinking regular old h2o? 

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